Home Theater Calibration and Setup  E-mail

Afraid that you will spend a lot on your home theater and you will not get all of the performance you paid for, or worse – that it will be too complicated to use?

We offer complete system setup and calibration services on every system we sell. We'll make sure that all of your speakers are in the right place, everything is hooked up properly, and your TV is looking its best. In fact, when our certified technicians leave your home, your theater will look and sound as good as it can.  Best of all, you know how to use it!

Basic home theater setup and calibration services
(included with every install)

  • Correct surround sound speaker setup and level calibration
  • Basic television display calibration and adjustment, from conventional television sets to flat panel displays and projectors
  • All connections checked to make sure everything is hooked up properly and for the best performance (and no, we won't try to convince you that you need over-priced cables!)
  • True universal remotes programmed to unify and simplify the operation of your system (if purchased with system)
  • All functions explained and demonstrated
  • CEDIA Certified Technicians

Advanced home theater setup and calibration services
(optional and at additional cost – but well worth it!)

If you're looking to get the absolute best performance you can out of your home theater, ISF calibration is a must. We have 3 in-house ISF certified calibrators that have the skills and will take the time to make sure your display is stunning! Call 719-484-0044 for more information or to set up an appointment.