Denver Trampoline

Trampoline Size

Replacement Mat

Standard Replacement Pads

Deluxe/Midgrade Replacement Pads Safety Enclosure
5 x 10 $129 NA $189/Blue n/a
5 x 11 $129 NA $189/Blue n/a
6 x 12 $159 NA $229/Blue $379 *
7 x 14 $189TR-$199BB NA $249/Blue or Grey $379 *
6'5" tot - Round $ 99 NA $99 n/a
8' Round $119 $ 99 $109 n/a
10' Round $129 NA $109 $359
12' Round $149 $129 $154 $359
13' Round. $149 $129 $159 $359
14' Round (96) $164 $129 $159/Blue, $179/HG* $359
14' Round(100) 169 129 $159/Blue, $179/HG* $359
15' Round/Oct. $179 $129 $179 $439
16' Round/Oct. $199 Mid-Grade only $209 $439

                                                                                                                        *HG-Hunter Green

Replacement Pads
The standard replacement pads are made of 10oz pvc material with a 6 month warranty.  Mid-grade pads are available made from 14 oz denier pvc with a 1 year warranty--call for price quote.  In most cases the mid-grade replacement pads are better quality than those included with your original purchase. 

High grade 18/24oz. vinyl pads are available for Regal and Trampmaster trampolines 
Why take a risk with your child's safety.

Corner "hole" Covers for rectangular trampolines - $69.00

Replacement Mats
We use the best polypropylene Permatron material.  (US manufacturer) As protection from the brutal Colorado sun, we use specially treated UV resistant thread to sew 9 rows around the mat's perimeter and then cover the stitching with a sunshade web layer to increase the life of your mat.

Most jumping surfaces fail due to the stitching dry rotting.  This can usually be re-sewn with our UV resistant thread to often better than new condition, for much less than a new mat.  Holes smaller than a quarter can be patched.

Small holes in safety nets can also be repaired. 

Replacement Springs
Springs are $2.00.
Please call about these as measurements and shape are critical.

Frame Pieces
Some replacement frame parts are available.  Please call with length and tubing width measurements, as well as number of spring holes, and overall number of sections in frame. 

Safety Net replacement parts

We have replacement safety nets, foam pole sleeves, vinyl pole sleeves, bungie cords, vinyl straps, etc.