Safer Trampoline May Be Worth Higher Cost

Trampolines are now the industry standard, which has helped reduce injuries. However, the cheaper – and most widely available – varieties, made with low-grade metals, springs, pads and mat materials, are still hazardous because the design allows jumpers to slip through the springs, get tangled in the enclosures and suffer injuries from hitting support rods.

“Parents are being led to believe that if they put up an enclosure that they are installing a safety net. Unfortunately, this is just a false sense of security,” says Rabinoff.  He explains that the incidence of closed-head injuries – especially from people crashing into each other as they bounce on the mat together – has increased dramatically. “Even with an enclosure, the three rules listed above still apply,” says Rabinoff ”  This equipment is not a playpen.”

Linda J. Buch is a certified fitness trainer in Denver;


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