What to Look for When Buying a Trampoline

Shape and Size:

  • Round trampolines are designed to keep the jumper in the center of the apparatus and are mainly used for backyard jumping.
  • Rectangular trampolines are usually purchased by people interested in gymnastics. The springs are also more flexible, so the jumper can enjoy a higher bounce.

Quality Construction:

  • How much weight the trampoline will support while jumping on it is a good measure of quality.  Look for the rating on the box, the lower quality models won’t list this.
  •  A round frame that is built of heavy galvanized steel tubing.  The better quality frame will have a lower gauge number of steel tubing and a larger diameter.
  • A rectangular frame that is built of structural grade tubing with a powder coat finish for a long durable rust free life.
  • Thick wide safety pads that cover the springs as well as the frame.
  • A jumping mat constructed of polypropylene permatron trampoline material for a smooth, durable, long lasting mat.  Sewn with UV protected thread.  Also the number of times the mat is stitched around the perimeter is important.  Minimum is 4, the best will have up to 11 rows of stitching with a protective layer of sunscreen webbing sewn over the stitching.
  • Springs that are galvanized to prevent rust.  The number of springs is important, from 80 up to 114 (the more the better).  A longer spring is better.  (a 9″ spring is stronger than a 6″ spring)
  • Compare warranties. If a trampoline is as great as the company says, it should be backed up by a great warranty.

Backyard Placement:

  • A minimum of 24 feet of overhead clearance is required.
  • Horizontal clearance of at least 2 feet all around the trampoline must be maintained from objects and possible hazards including electric power wiring, tree limbs, recreational structures and fences.
  • Place on a level area.

2 Extra Features You May Want to Consider:

  • A mesh enclosure — wraps around the trampoline to provide more safety and security.
  •  A trampoline cover–designed to protect the trampoline from the sun, rain and other inclement weather.